You lived in seclusion—either in a sheltered community such as a monastery, or entirely a lone—for a formative part of your life. In your time apart from the clamor of society, you found quiet, solitude, and perhaps some of the answers you were looking for.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Equipment: A scroll case stuffed full of notes from your studies or prayers, a winter blanket, a set of common clothes, an herbalism kit, and 5 gp

Life of Seclusion

What w as the reason for your isolation, and what changed to allow you to end your solitude? You can w ork with your DM to determine the exact nature of your seclusion, or you can choose or roll on the table below to determine the reason behind your seclusion.

  1. I was searching for spiritual enlightenment.
  2. I was partaking of communal living in accordance with the dictates of a religious order.
  3. I was exiled for a crime I didn’t commit.
  4. I retreated from society after a life-altering event.
  5. I needed a quiet place to work on my art, literature, music, or manifesto.
  6. I needed to commune with nature, far from civilization.
  7. I was the caretaker of an ancient ruin or relic.
  8. I was a pilgrim in search of a person, place, or relic of spiritual significance.

Feature: Discovery

The quiet seclusion of your extended hermitage gave you access to a unique and powerful discovery. The exact nature of this revelation depends on the nature of your seclusion. It might be a great truth about the cosmos, the deities, the powerful beings of the outer planes, or the forces of nature. It could be a site that no one else has ever seen. You might have uncovered a fact that has long been forgotten, or unearthed some relic of the past that could rewrite history. It might be information that would be damaging to the people who or consigned you to exile, and hence the reason for your return to society. Work with your DM to determine the details of your discovery and its impact on the campaign.

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